Submitting your construction documents while the building work progresses means faster code compliance processing.

Types of construction documentation

The construction documentation required for your project will be listed on the building consent construction documentation and advice notes provided with your building consent. 

Construction documents may include:

We encourage you to provide your construction documentation while the building work progresses. Reviewing your documents as we receive them, prior to the final building inspection being passed, will result in faster processing of your code compliance certificate.

The status of the documents will be displayed on your inspection site notices. This allows you to easily see what documents the code compliance assessor has received and accepted and which documents are still required.

Before sending us your documents, check to ensure they are fully completed:

  • Correct building consent number (BCN) and property address.
  • All required names, addresses and contact details.
  • An accurate description of the building work carried out.
  • Signed and dated by the person who carried out or supervised the work.
  • The author's relevant qualifications, registration number(s) or experience.

Where to send your construction documentation

Online:  Submit documents using online services (external link)via the upload additional information option.

Email:  Email documents to