Hawkins/Lower Styx/Marshland Rds - intersection & bridge upgrade


Intersection safety upgrade and bridge widening.


Intersection safety upgrade.


The intersection of Hawkins Road / Lower Styx Road and Marshland Road.


Work will start in late January 2021 and is expected to be completed by March 2022.


The contractor is Downer. Phone Steve 027 702 6057 or email steve.ricketts@downer.co.nz


The works comprise of:

  • widening the existing three span bridge carrying Marshland Road over the Styx River
  • extending the Canal Reserve Drain culvert crossing Hawkins Road
  • installing traffic signals at the Hawkins/Lower Styx/Marshland intersection
  • approach widening and associated stormwater, street lighting, landscaping, and coordination of utility diversions

The construction works will be staged progressively with temporary traffic management in place based on the various work phases and heavy machinery on site.

Fortnightly progress reports will be issued, outlining anticipated progress and pending changes to the temporary traffic management plans.

We anticipate reduced traffic along Marshlands Road with the opening of the new Christchurch Northern Corridor, which should help with construction productivity on site.