Riccarton Road upgrade

Work on Riccarton road is finished! We have replaced underground pipes that are almost 100 years old and the road has been resurfaced and reshaped.

People crossing Riccarton Road

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Bus priority measures have also been installed as Riccarton Road is one of the city's busiest bus routes. Around 3000 people board buses in Riccarton and more than 800 buses pass Westfield Riccarton each day.

You can contact Council on 03 941 8999 (0800 800 169) or RiccartonRoad@ccc.govt.nz for more information.

Safer speeds in central Riccarton

We're proposing a permanent 30 km/h speed limit in central Riccarton and a 40 km/h speed limit through adjacent side streets between Riccarton Road and Riccarton Bush.

Find out more about the proposal.(external link)


Riccarton Road upgrade - Harakeke Street to Matipo Street

Initial work

18 February 2019 for two weeks

We need to locate services underneath Riccarton Road, remove street furniture, trees and kerb and establish fences and pedestrian safe zones.


4 March 2019 for six weeks

Road layout for sewer work

Road layout for sewer work

We will build trenches to the south of Riccarton Road at three points, starting east of each stage and working progressively west, as shown in the attached plan [PDF, 696 KB].

We expect to complete approximately 20 metres of piping per day. We will resurface trenches with temporary asphalt as we go.

Traffic will remain two-way but lane shifts will be in place.


1 April 2019 to early 2020

Road layout for sewer main work

Road layout for sewer main work

Trenches will be formed in the centre of Riccarton Road. Due to the depth of the sewer pipes, this work will progress slowly and we expect to complete one metre of piping per day.

We will lay temporary asphalt on completed sections of pipe soon after we finish them.

Traffic will remain two-way.

Work on hold

2 December 2019 to 5 January 2020

Work will stop over the Christmas period so that Riccarton Road businesses can trade without disruption.

Roading and streetscaping

Late 2019 to mid 2020

We will reconstruct the road, install footpaths, landscaping and street furniture.

The bus lanes will be added as well as the central median.

Works completed

The bulk of the workis finished with follow-up work painting lines and landscaping to happen as the weather permits.


Riccarton Road sewer pipe

Riccarton Road sewer pipe

Stage 1 included:

  • Traffic lights have replaced the roundabout at the intersection of Riccarton Road and Deans Avenue
  • The underground pipes in Riccarton Road and Harakeke Street have been replaced
  • New traffic signals at a new pedestrian/cycle crossing at the railway have been installed

Replacing the underground pipes and renewing the road.

Impression of Riccarton Road once the upgrade is complete

Impression of Riccarton Road once the upgrade is complete

Key features of stage 2

  • streetscape and landscape improvements including a tree-lined median in the Central Riccarton area
  • renewing underground water pipes (water supply and wastewater)
  • installing traffic lights and a pedestrian/cycle crossing at the railway line
  • cycle lane upgrade and additional cycle parking to be provided
  • reconstructing the road and marking out bus priority lanes.
  • Council owned car parks located between Rimu Street and Straven Road to be upgraded to P120 parks for shoppers

Key features of the tree-lined median include:

  • trees have a calming effect which slows traffic speeds
  • slower speeds and streetscape enhancements make the central Riccarton section more of a destination for shoppers
  • providing a refuge for pedestrians crossing the road 

Plans for stage 2

A bus priority is used to give buses right of way over other vehicles when a road is heavily used.

By making changes to the road space, we can give priority to buses so that they stay on schedule and provide a good service to passengers, especially at peak times. These improvements will make it easier for people to bus, walk and bike to where they are going, and make Riccarton a more people-friendly place.

Riccarton Road is the second busiest transport corridor after the central city, bringing passengers from all over the city and linking them with other core routes. It has over 800 bus movements a day and around 3000 passengers boarding per weekday on this road alone.

Public transport allows more people to move along Riccarton Road at one time and the bus priority measures will provide more reliable bus travel, especially at peak times when people need to get to work or home.

The bus priority measures being installed along Riccarton Road include:

  • sections of bus lane on each side of the road
  • bus lights at traffic signals so buses can proceed ahead of general traffic
  • longer bus stops so alighting and departing is easier and quicker

Parking on Riccarton Road is being removed to allow space for the new road layout and bus priority.

The Council has created a time-restricted car park behind Riccarton Road between Rimu Street and Straven Road to replace it.

Parking map