News: New Speed Limits for Edgeware, Mairehau, St Albans

Last updated: 28 Feb 2020

Speed limit changes approved by the Council at its 24 September 2019 meeting are being implemented from 28 February 2020 for Edgeware, Mairehau and St Albans area.

Most of the roads involved will change to a 40 km/h speed limit, with a number of new 30 km/h areas.

The following main roads will remain at the current 50 km/h speed limit:

  • Barbadoes St
  • Berwick St (between Cranford St and Warrington St)
  • Cranford St
  • Edgeware Rd (except between Sherborne St and Dover St)
  • Innes Rd
  • Madras St
  • Sherborne St
  • Warrington St

The Council’s register of speed limits(external link)(external link)(external link) and online speed limit map(external link)(external link)(external link) will be updated once the changes are complete. More information on the approved speed limit changes can be found in the Council meeting minutes(external link)(external link)(external link). Further information on safe speeds is also available on the Council’s website(external link)(external link)(external link).

Please be aware of your surroundings and check for any changes to speed limits.

Edgeware, Mairehau and St Albans Area