Strong communities give people a sense of belonging and encourage them to take part in social, cultural, economic and political life.

This participation and the support that such communities can offer in times of stress, promote the well-being of individuals and families/whanau. This strategy incorporates community group grants review and the community facilities plan.

Strengthening Communities Strategy [PDF, 1.9 MB] 
Strengthening Communities Strategy Summary [PDF, 336 KB] 

The Strengthening Communities Strategy is a framework to guide the Council's work with community organisations, which in turn work in a range of ways to help develop strong communities. A number of processes and disciplines can be used in working with and for communities to enhance their strength. These processes include the provision of community services, community capacity building, community development, community activism and advocacy. All these processes can be legitimate and effective ways of working when used appropriately.

The Strengthening Communities Strategy also signalled a restructuring of the Council's $8.2 million per annum grants schemes for community organisations and established a strategic direction for the Council's role in community halls and centres.

As a starting point to help deliver on the Strategy, Council undertook a brief literature review to identify and understand community trends and issues. [PDF, 162 KB]

Community Research Project - Executive summary [PDF, 162 KB] 
Community Research Project - Full report [PDF, 740 KB]