The Social Housing Strategy sets out the direction for both the Council’s provision and support of social housing, and the types of roles it can undertake to deliver its vision:

to contribute to the community’s well-being by ensuring safe, accessible and affordable social housing is available to people on low incomes, including elderly persons and people with disabilities.

Social Housing Strategy [PDF, 6.2 MB]

It was developed through research and consultation with key players in the social housingsector. Partnerships and collaboration are central to this Strategy, which emphasises that addressing social housing needs is something that cannot be done by one agency or sector alone.

Maintaining, upgrading and expanding its provision of social housing where needed are all seen as important directions for Council within this Strategy. It is expected that this will need to include some reconfiguring, remodelling and relocating of existing stock. This falls within the context of a housing portfolio that aims to be financially self-funding and sustainable in order to maintain existing levels of provision and to be able to achieve the desired outcomes of the Strategy.