The Infrastructure Strategy identifies significant infrastructure issues for Christchurch City Council.

The four overarching significant issues that will affect our city and infrastructure are:

  • asset renewals
  • climate change
  • post-earthquake recovery and regeneration
  • affordability

The Infrastructure Strategy sets our how we plan to manage our infrastructure over the next 30 years, taking these significant issues into account.  The Infrastructure Strategy covers all of our assets: 

  • water supply
  • wastewater 
  • stormwater
  • transport
  • facilities
  • parks
  • information and communication technology
  • solid waste

The Infrastructure Strategy describes how these assets will be managed, taking into account growth, renewals, changes in levels of service and resilience in terms of natural hazards. For each of these assets, the strategy:

  • Provides capital and operational expenditure forecasts.
  • Identifies significant decisions that we will have to make about our assets, when those decisions will be required, the scale of costs and the likely options to be considered.
  • Provides costs and options for significant capital expenditure decisions.

The Infrastructure Strategy is updated every three years as part of the Long Term Plan process, and as part of the Annual Plan process if there are significant changes to capital expenditure.  

The current version is the 2018 Infrastructure Strategy [PDF, 2.8 MB].