The primary focus of the Christchurch Visitor Strategy is about reclaiming Christchurch’s pre-earthquake role and status over the next decade by providing a clear strategic direction that tactical decision-making can align to.

The strategy proposes four main objectives to achieve success:

  • Developing a visitor aspiration for Christchurch and Banks Peninsula, and identifying the strategic direction required to achieve it.
  • Securing the autonomy, authority and funding required to deliver the visitor aspiration.
  • Promoting joined up thinking and action across activities with an attraction/promotion focus.
  • Rebuilding Christchurch’s brand internally and externally.

This strategy is about direction setting, not tactical decision making. It is a forward looking document that identifies the big things Christchurch needs to do to achieve its visitor aspiration, not a review of past performance.

The strategy is a mix of new initiatives and things already being undertaken. The intent of the strategy is to get the best possible return on investment in visitor-related initiatives, so all existing activities should be reviewed to ensure they align with the strategy and represent the optimal use of Christchurch’s limited resources as the city continues to rebuild and grow.