Council, 28 May 1997.

A photo of a tree-lined park walkway

  1. The Council will pursue a programme of acquiring land for additional local parks in areas of the city which have been identified as having a deficiency
  2. Local parks should be located so as to be within reasonable walking distance of the areas they serve. Generally, this would be no more than 5 to 10 minutes walk
  3. The usual minimum area of local parks sufficient for children to be able to play is 2000m2. Local parks with more of an 'amenity' function only, could be smaller
  4. Local parks should:
    • Have safe pedestrian access to and from the area they serve
    • Incorporate significant existing trees and planting
    • Have generous street frontage to ensure good views into and out of the park
  5. Priority for acquisition over the next 10 years to be in the following areas (in no particular order):
    • The eastern inner city area
    • Merivale between Merivale Lane and Office Road
    • Most of Papanui
    • The northern end of Linwood Avenue
    • Mairehau north of Westminster Street
    • Southern St Albans
    • An area between Clarence and Matipo Streets in Riccarton.
  6. The location, role and function of existing parks that may be able to be adapted to serve local needs and open space that may be potentially available through redevelopment should be investigated, together with the possible use of school grounds, before new purchases are considered.

Local parks are defined as: Parks which serve an informal neighbourhood recreation and amenity function, generally less than 2000m2, and often containing play equipment.