We asked you about arts, culture and heritage in Christchurch. Around 2100 of you gave feedback; here's a summary of what your told us.


2018 Results


The Arts

Over half of the respondents had participated in or attended visual arts (59%), music (58%) and the performing arts (55%).

The main barrier for engaging with the arts as identified by participants was a lack of awareness about when arts events and performances were on (45%), followed by the cost of attending events, exhibitions and performances (36%).

86% of participants agreed that street art improves public spaces. 

"Arts events are a great way to get people out and about and to help them re-engage in life in Christchurch.  They help make Christchurch a vibrant and fun place to live and visit."

Christchurch Art Gallery

More than half (59%) of respondents had visited the Art Gallery in the previous 12 months. 

The most common way of finding out about what was going on at the Art Gallery was via 'word of mouth' (38%), followed by printed advertising (37%). 

"The Christchurch Art Gallery is simply world-class - the exhibitions and events there are amazing."

Culture and Diversity

79% of respondents said that increasing numbers of people from different backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles make Christchurch a better or a much better place to live. The top reason that increasing diversity makes Christchurch a better place to live was because it makes the city more vibrant and interesting.

39% of respondents agreed that Christchurch is a city where all communities and people feel safe and welcome, while 30% disagreed.

"I believe more should be done to provide a healthy and safe environment for everyone."

When asked whether people think the Council is doing enough to foster, develop and celebrate culture and language diversity, 45% of participants agreed.

Over half of the participants said the Council should do more to celebrate Matariki in Christchurch (58%).

"I'd much rather celebrate Matariki than Guy Fawkes!  I'd love to see a real and authentic celebration of Matariki in Otautahi through events"

Heritage and Taonga

49% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that our heritage and taonga is accessible to all, with a further 42% agreeing or strongly agreeing that this is shared and celebrated.

42% of respondents said that Council is doing enough to protect our heritage and taonga for future generations.

"Could always be doing more to protect our heritage and taonga for the future."

When asked whether the Council is doing enough to promote the story of our city's history, 40% of respondents agreed with this.

"Museum, art gallery, library, landscape and waterways are all hugely important in sharing, respecting and celebrating our history and treasures. This costs money - but money well spent by the Council."


The World Buskers Festival had the highest attendance from respondents over the last 2 years (46%), followed by:

  • Christchurch Lantern Festival (42%)
  • Botanic D'Lights (35%)

"...attendance at some of these events shows just how hungry people are for new experiences. The Botanical Lights show, for example, was hugely over-subscribed. I love the city when it opens itself to these inclusive events. More please! And thanks."

Almost half of the respondents wanted to see more music events in Christchurch (49%) as well as:

  • arts events (33%)
  • family friendly events (32%)

"I think we will attract more major acts/events once the covered stadium and conference centre are completed."


When asked what contributes to Christchurch's 'garden city' image, 48% said that heritage gardens and parks contribute 'a great deal' to this image. Following this was:

  • Hagley Park (46%)
  • street trees and gardens (46%)
  • the Port Hills (44%)

"The Garden City is one of the main reasons I like living in Chch. I love Hagley Park and the Port Hills"

62% of respondents said that Christchurch provides opportunities that encourage work - life balance.

50% of participants agree or strongly that residents are encouraged to appreciate the history of our city while enjoying the present and future.

There were mixed results when respondents were asked whether Christchurch has connected and inclusive communities, with 36% agreeing, and 38% neither agreeing nor disagreeing.

"Some communities are more connected and inclusive than others. It is hard going for some people that have been displaced since the earthquakes."

The full set of results from the survey can be found in the 2018 Arts Culture and Heritage Summary Report. [PDF, 1.2 MB]