2019 Mayor candidates

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Blair Anderson

Another Mildgreen Initiative

My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area. I am also standing for the Canterbury District Health Board.

For a Seismic shift in the culture of Christchurch civics. Mayoral Election 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013. Here to enrich-en the debate yet again....2019. The only candidate who has contested and debated all the issues time and time again. A vote that will deliver beyond 'business as usual'. Consider; the city is about to assume responsibility for new drug policy around Cannabis, this is an environmental game-changer. The writer's 47 years of examination of our drug laws has evolved into a comprehensive, long-term effort to bring about meaningful social dividend on many levels. Principal objectives of this are reductions in crime and public disorder; improvement of the public health; better protection of children; and wiser use of scarce public resources. Resolving the tensions is core to your climate change outcomes. I understand the deeply concerning issues we are facing. Are these worthy aspirations? Worthy of your the future Mayor of Christchurch?


My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area.

The Mayor and CCC have let our city down and quite frankly the people of Christchurch have had enough - I am here to sort it out and stand up for the people of Christchurch - I am standing on our biggest issues - Fix the water and launch an investigation into who is to blame. Pay off the projected $2 Billion owing by the CCC. Remove and home all of the homeless street sleepers. Axe the 53% rate hike and implement a rate's freeze. Stop foreign companies exporting our natural resources. Restore the East- side. Salary cap for the CCC, Open the CBD for business. www.votejt.co.nz for the full info


Lianne DALZIELBest for Christchurch

My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area.

It has been a privilege to lead the city through the challenging times we've had to face in recent times.
There's a real sense of momentum as Christchurch starts to emerge as one of New Zealand's most liveable and potentially sustainable cities. That's why I'm committed to meeting our net carbon neutral goals, as well as setting risk and resilience measures to guide good decision-making. I've prioritised the basics - pipes, roads, parks, facilities. However there's more to be done.
My top priority is drinking water, and I promise to fight any further attempts to impose mandatory chlorination on our city. We can deliver water that's both safe and chlorine-free. I will also ensure rates increases return to more sustainable levels.
I offer experience, continuity and stable leadership, enabling Christchurch to meet the challenges that lie ahead.


He hōnore tēnei mōku ki te ārahi i te tāone i roto i ngā piki, ngā heke o nākuanei. Kei te kitea te anga whakamua o Ōtautahi hei tāonenui tino pai te noho, toitū hoki. Nā tēnei ka whakapau kaha ahau kia ū ki ngā whāinga waro-kore, me te whakatakoto i ngā whakaritenga mōrea, manawaroa hei ārahi i ngā whakatau pai.
Kua whakaarotauhia e au ngā mea taketake - ngā paipa, rori, pāka, whakaurunga. Engari, he nui atu anō ngā mahi. Ko taku tino kaupapa ko te wai inu, ka tukitukihia te whakaturetanga o te whakauru hau-māota ki te wai o te tāonenui. Ka taea te tuku wai he pai, he kore hau-māota. Ka whakarite ahau ka hoki ngā pikinga reiti ki ngā rahinga ka taea.
Ko tāku e whakatakoto ana ko ōku mōhio, kaiārahi ukiuki, pūmau hoki me te whakarite ka taea e Ōtautahi ngā whakapātaritari anamata te whakatūtaki.

Jim GLASSIndependent

My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area.

I am married, aged 78, father of four children and a grandfather. Born in Tetaho, I attended St Bede's College and, after a Fitting and Turning apprenticeship in Christchurch, I joined the Union Steamship Company, studied to be a 2nd Engineer at Polytech and worked at sea around New Zealand and Australia. After marriage in 1967 I sold Real Estate, studied for my own licence and specialised in selling residential flats, later with my wife Sheryn. We have invested in property since marriage. In 1971 we purchased a farm in Hari Hari which we farmed until 1985. After 1988 I confined my work activities to managing our commercial property and a small investment company registered in England.
I was an inaugural member of the Canterbury Property Investor's Association and its President during major reforms of the Residential Tenancy Act.
My hobbies include golf, current affairs, reading, and travel.

Tubby HANSENEconomic Euthenic’s

My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area. I am also standing for the Spreydon Ward of the Spreydon- Cashmere Community Board and the Canterbury District Health Board.

Economic is to do with business and trade, while Euthenics is the science of the improvement of living standards (Chambers Shorter English Dictionary 1962 Edition).
The fairest way to stop house prices rising is to restrict house prices to government valuation, which is every five years, and a 1/5 increase only allowed compounding in the time between valuations. This city's dreadful smoking and drinking problems suppliers wealth for legal denial could be weakened by a price freeze on suppliers, more tax, and a penalty extra tax surcharge annually on shares and on profits.
Refinance the city's debt over 130 years, as time goes by repayments will become smaller. A bus shelter at every permanent bus stop, all done now, old stops to be left for old folk on a walk and young mothers.
More housing for single people and single parents.

Robin MCCARTHYIndependent

My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area.

Council needs to be reduced in size and cost, with different and new policy. Council's primary role is to fund those activities deemed to be in the public good that do not make a return on capital. So back to basics.
Achieving this requires a structure to council spending by way of a table of descending finding. Prioritisation will be democratically decided upon. Projects such as river statues and climate emergencies will likely be at the bottom. Council needs to reduce its debt burden by partial asset sales of its enormous land/property portfolio. Shares will be sold by allocation to Christchurch ratepayers and citizens. A concentration on infrastructure spending to be funded by long term bonds.
Abolish Christchurch Development and Regenerate Christchurch and slash funding to ChristchurchNZ.
Change standing orders to democratise council agendas. I'm an entrepreneur, own a tourism business and live in central Christchurch.

Stephen MCPAIKEMy principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area.

Do you think Eight and a half years is too long for a city to be half completed? I do. In the CBD I find empty and closed off sites everywhere and I am embarrassed about it.
My plan to repair Christchurch is to use Plastic Roads, work closely with land owners in the CBD to encourage growth and bring businesses into the area.
New Brighton and Linwood Village have seen neglect in recent times and I would like to see these Villages to flourish and be the centre of their community.
I also want to work with our neighbouring councils and work on a transport network, from bikes, cars, buses and even trains also I would like to work with them on renewable energy programmes.
It always starts with one small step.

John MINTOKeep Our Assets Canterbury

My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area.

I am standing as a KOA (Keep our Assets Canterbury) candidate for mayor because we want a future for Christchurch which makes sense.
The city faces three big challenges: a climate emergency, a water supply threatened by contaminants and many people struggling on poverty incomes without dignity or self-respect. We want a people-centred city rather than a corporate-centred city.
Our policies are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with free and frequent public transport; provide a local zone for Canterbury businesses and co-operatives in the city centre; rebuild the 400 council rental homes destroyed in the earthquakes; future-proof our water supply and develop a plan for swimmable rivers; rate increases kept to the rate of inflation and a minimum of the living wage for all council work.
These policies will improve our lives while saving the council money. More details are at www.MintoforMayor.nz

Darryll PARKIndependent Move Christchurch Forward

My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area.

Darryll Park is one of Christchurch's most prominent businessmen. He was the CEO of Christchurch & Canterbury Marketing Ltd, helping to reposition Tourism under the government Tourism 2010 Strategy, a past board member of Civil Aviation Authority & Aviation Security Services, two government agencies.
Currently, Mr Park is the co-owner of Oxford Management Services, a property development and management company supporting hospitality, Chair of Mondo Travel Group, a Director of the Canterbury Rugby Union and the Crusaders.
Darryll is campaigning on a strategy to 'Move Christchurch Forward', with a focus on common sense, a back to basics approach and finding a better way to take action.
He wants to return public trust to Christchurch's local leadership, with his key focus on water, rates, tourism and infrastructure, insurance, sustainability, institutions and events, crime and communities.
If elected, Mr Park will stand aside from his current business interests and governance roles.

Sam PARKMy principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area.

My name is Sam Park running as a candidate of Mayor role for Christchurch City.
Sam drives red land rover and wears all black beanie when go for work.
He lost Gas New Brighton business by the first hit earthquake at 4th of September 2010.
The Christchurch City is supplied with nature beauties. Despite its beauties, especially some areas are still not considered to be well developed. We truly believe that with a little grooming, modifying and rebuild, that could resolve controversial community issues. Those are equal to improving, enriching our family and our city economies, and it will contribute to raise a citizen's value of life. A safe community playground would be perfect for citizens to cozy, relax a bit.
My freshness has helped me paint many pictures on to the Christchurch City Canvas.
Sam will work for you, with you for our Christchurch City.

Adrian-Cosmin SCHONBORNIndependent

My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area.

Making a difference I am standing for Mayor because, like all of us out there, I want to have a sustainable city with happy people, clean water, proper infrastructure, and clean housing for the one in need. Christchurch City and its people are part of me. I am profoundly hurt by seeing that this amazing city has bike lanes but not proper roads, gives away clean water but puts chlorine into our drinking water systems, supports different trusts but no mental support for our own. It is the time to make your vote count. We have had too many false promises and they keep on going. I would like to provide a different vision for Christchurch. We need young mindset to do it. Together we can make Christchurch City a most sustainable city where everyone would love to live.

Peter WAKEMANSTOP Trashing Our Planet

My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area. I am also standing for Fendalton Ward Councillor and the Canterbury District Health Board.

Climate change has overshot, triggering the temperature- increasing self-feedback loops. This implies a current worsening food-production crisis. Recent governments have prioritized dairy and other exports over domestic food and water security. Wakeman's first objective, as mayor, will be to ensure domestic water, food and health security stay untainted in an increasingly hostile ecological environment. Elevate natural health to a complementary and equal footing with the current approach which has only very limited options.
For the sake of our children and all life on Earth, stop trashing our Planet. Wakeman believes that the Government must bail out Christchurch as regards nature's destruction to help reduce costs to the local community. Governments have prioritized dairy and other exports over domestic food and water security. It is time to support local leadership, so please vote.

Aaron WHITEIndependent

My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area.

I am running for Christchurch mayoralty to give the people of Christchurch their voices back after years of not being listened too. I want more consultation with residents, less closed-door meetings and create a more open council. I also want to see traction gained on rebuild anchor projects instead of the delayed mess of the status quo.
I want to see money spent in our struggling communities that feel like they have been forgotten by local government and where it needs to be spent by getting community assets repaired and upgraded, roading infrastructure back to a pre-quake standard, upgrade and build more to social housing stock and rates increases on vacant land to stimulate growth in our communities and CBD.
We need to find alternatives to cycle and bus lanes as they do more harm than good and have a negative effect on residents and business owners in the area.


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