A new Hornby library, customer services, and recreation and sport centre is planned for the growing south-west community.

Hornby library, customer services, and rec and sport centre

With more than 12,000 new homes expected in Christchurch’s south-west by 2044, the Council has approved a $35.9 million budget for facilities to serve the growing population. Construction is now underway, for a late 2022 opening.

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14 May 2021

HEB Construction is hard at work preparing the site for construction. They've finished most of the excavation and have started bringing in gravel to fill in the earth, and work is well underway on the temporary path at the west end of the site.

The contract for the construction is now out for tender. It's open for four weeks and we'll have a contractor confirmed around the middle of July. Read more.(external link)

26 February 2021

The site where Hornby’s new multi-use community facility is going to be built has been blessed ahead of work starting on the multimillion-dollar project.

“With the site blessed, earth works can now start on site and the community can finally see physical progress being made on their new multi-use centre,’’ says Christchurch City Councillor Jimmy Chen, who represents the Hornby ward.

HEB Construction has been appointed to carry out earth works on the site in preparation for construction to start in July. They'll be on site from early March to excavate and backfill the land so that it's ready for the main contractor to start construction in the middle of the year.

Read more on Newsline.(external link)

  • Library
  • Lane pool
  • Learn to swim pool
  • Toddlers' wet play area
  • Spa pool
  • Espresso bar
  • Creative activities room
  • Multi-purpose rooms for meetings and study
  • Customer service area



26 February 2021

Site blessing

The Kyle Park site has been blessed ahead of work starting. Read more.(external link)

12 November 2020

Procurement plan approved

Councillors have approved the project’s procurement plan, which means the construction can now go out to tender. Read more.(external link)

8 October 2020

Concept designs approved

Architectural firm Warren and Mahoney developed the concept designs for the Hornby facility following discussions with the community. Read more.(external link)

30 April 2020

Progress continues

Progress on development of the new Hornby facility is underway, with no impact at this stage from COVID-19. Tonkin & Taylor have tested the ground at Kyle Park for landfill gas and the groundwater below the site, and have found nothing unexpected.

9 March 2020

First contractors appointed

The Council has now appointed Warren & Mahoney as the lead design consultant, Aecom as project managers, and Rawlinsons as quantity surveyors.

12 September 2019

Scope confirmed

Councillors have agreed on the scope of Hornby’s new library, customer services, recreation and sport centre. Read more.(external link)

9 July 2019

Approval of the reclassification of part of Kyle Park

The Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board approved the reclassification of part of the reserve, along with management plan amendments, confirming the location for the facility after a years-long search. Read more.(external link)

17 June 2019

Hearings Panel backs change for Kyle Park

A Hearings Panel has recommended that the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board approves a change to the reserve classification for part of Kyle Park, along with management plan amendments. Read more.(external link)

1 May 2019

Strong response to Kyle Park consultation

More than 180 submissions were received on a proposed change to the reserve classification for Kyle Park. Read more.(external link)

11 March 2019

Consultation under way on change of use for Kyle Park

Consultation has begun on whether the Reserve Act classification on Kyle Park should be changed. Read more.(external link)

13 December 2018

Kyle Park preferred site for new pool and library

Christchurch City Council today approved Kyle Park as the preferred location for the new Hornby facility. Read more.(external link)

5 December 2018

New site eyed for Hornby community facilities

The Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board recommended Kyle Park as the site for the new facilities. Read the report to the Community Board here(external link), and read more about the decision here.(external link)

6 September 2018

Site search re-ignited

Christchurch City Council is working to quickly identify a new site where Hornby’s planned community facilities can be built. Read more.(external link)

6 July 2018

Board says no to Denton Park changes

At the recommendation of a Hearings Panel(external link), the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board decided not to change the Reserves Act classification on the south-east part of Denton Park. Read more.(external link)

4 May 2018

Panel hears final submissions on Denton Park

The Hearings Panel, made up of three Councillors and two Community Board members, considered 1475 written submissions, with 61 submitters requesting to be heard in person on proposed changes to the use of part of Denton Park. Read more.(external link)

19 January 2018

Council seeks views on Denton Park changes

Consultation officially opened(external link) on a proposal to alter the park’s Reserves Act classification so that the new Hornby facility can be built. Read more.(external link)

15 November 2017

Community leaders highlight need for pool

A high school principal, a community youth worker and an experienced Councillor have highlighted the growing need for a new pool – along with a local library – in one of the city’s fastest-growing areas. Read more.(external link)

24 August 2017

Council approves Denton Park site

Christchurch City Council voted in favour of using part of Denton Park(external link) as the site for Hornby’s planned new library, customer and leisure centre. Read more.(external link)

15 August 2017

Board picks site for new Hornby facility

Denton Park has been identified by the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board as the preferred site. Read more.(external link)

26 April 2017

Consultation opens on site for new Hornby facility

Where should Hornby’s new library, customer services and leisure centre go? And should they be all together under one roof or built as separate facilities? Read more.(external link)