The new St Albans Community Centre will open on the corner of Colombo Street and Caledonian Road in mid-2021.

St Albans Community Centre - Colombo Street viewThe new 400 square metre facility includes a community hall and three meeting rooms. It will feature a number of environmentally-sustainable elements, including:

  • Timber cladding and solid timber structural panels, beams and piles that, during their growth as trees, have stored carbon from the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and locked up as timber for the life of the building
  • Double glazing that is predominantly north-facing so warmth from the sun will be used to help heat the community centre during winter
  • Generous eaves to the majority of the north-facing glazing that will help to prevent overheating in summer
  • Very high insulation ratings of walls ceilings and floors, which will help to reduce energy consumption
  • High-efficiency heat exchangers for mechanical ventilation of the hall, to reduce energy consumption
  • Heat pumps to reduce energy consumption
  • LED lighting to reduce energy consumption
  • Flow restricting tapware to reduce water usage.

The previous St Albans Community Centre was badly damaged in the 2010-11 earthquakes and was demolished. A transitional St Albans Community Centre operated on the site between Colombo Street and Caledonian Road until February 2018.