About wastewater

About our wastewater network

Pipes, manholes and pumping stations connect us to the 8 treatment plants.

Wastewater treatment

The process of taking raw wastewater, and converting it through a variety of treatments.

Building near the water and wastewater network

If you are rebuilding a house or garage it’s worth checking your plans don’t involve building over a Council drain.

Wastewater conservation

Things you can do to help the wastewater system run efficiently and prevent blockages or overflows.

Facts and figures

Wastewater volumes processed in Christchurch City.


Regulations governing the collection, treatment, and discharge of wastewater.

Schools programme

All Flushed Out. Students will discover what happens to anything that goes down the drain.

Types of wastewater systems

Council uses three types of wastewater system to transport wastewater from connected properties to the treatment plant.