Rates reductions, remissions, rebates and relief.

COVID-19 rates update

On Thursday 2 April, the Council is considering measures to support Christchurch businesses and property owners who are financially struggling as a result of the COVID-19 level 4 lockdown. This includes a proposal to offer ratepayers who will receive a rates bill in coming weeks an extra six months to pay, and offering all Council commercial tenants a three-month rent holiday. You can read the Newsline article, and find a link to the report here.

Unite Against Covid-19, visit

Rates rebate: low income earners

You could get a rates reduction as part of the Government's rate rebate scheme, which provides rates assistance to low income earners.


Let us know if you demolish a building, so we can adjust your Rating Value and rates charges.

Rates postponement

Your rates payments may be postponed if payment would create financial hardship.

Maori Land rates remission & postponement

The Council will remit or postpone rates on Maori Land in some circumstances.

Rates remission: sewer system pumps

If you have had a low pressure pump installed on your property since the 2010/11 Canterbury earthquakes you may be eligible for a rates remission.

Rates remission: community organisations

Rates remissions may be available to properties owned and used by not-for-profit community or sports organisations.

Earthquake damage

Earthquake rates remissions stopped on 1 July 2017. You need to tell us if your property has un-repaired damage that's likely to affect its Rating Valuation.

Rates payment extension

Extend the due date for the next rates instalment by up to six months.