This service is provided by our bank, Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) in agreement with Christchurch City Council. You do not have to be a BNZ customer to use this service.

COVID-19 rates update

On Thursday 2 April, the Council is considering measures to support Christchurch businesses and property owners who are financially struggling as a result of the COVID-19 level 4 lockdown. This includes a proposal to offer ratepayers who will receive a rates bill in coming weeks an extra six months to pay, and offering all Council commercial tenants a three-month rent holiday. You can read the Newsline article, and find a link to the report here.

Unite Against Covid-19, visit

Pay your rates by Visa or Mastercard

BNZ will charge you a service fee per transaction - currently 2%, with a minimum of $1.00.  The Council does not receive any part of this fee.

If you own more than one property, a separate payment is required for each.

You will need to supply a Property ID number so that we can ensure you are paying rates for your property.

The Property ID is an eight-digit number beginning 73xxxxxx at the top right of your rates, also known as the Reference No.  

You can also find your Property ID by looking up your address in our rates and valuation search, where it is known as the Rate account number.