With internet banking and automatic payments you can choose the amount and frequency of rates payments.

COVID-19 rates update

On Thursday 2 April, the Council is considering measures to support Christchurch businesses and property owners who are financially struggling as a result of the COVID-19 level 4 lockdown. This includes a proposal to offer ratepayers who will receive a rates bill in coming weeks an extra six months to pay, and offering all Council commercial tenants a three-month rent holiday. You can read the Newsline article, and find a link to the report here.

Unite Against Covid-19, visit covid19.govt.nz

Automatic payment applies when paying your rates directly into our bank account either by:

  • automatic payment
  • telephone banking
  • internet banking
  • direct credit

Ensure that the full amount of the instalment is paid by the due date. If you miss a due date a 10% penalty will be applied to any amount not paid.

Internet banking or automatic payments details

Our bank account details

  • Bank: Bank of New Zealand
  • Account name: Christchurch City Council
  • Bank account number: 020800 0044765 01
  • SWIFT/BIC Code: BKNZNZ22XXX (for overseas payments)

The information that you enter to appear on our bank statement is: 

  • Particulars:  Ref number of the property
  • Code: Your address
  • Reference: Your name

This information is required to ensure that the payment is credited to the correct rates account. To identify your property's reference number you can search for your rates and valuations

The reference number can also be found on the top right hand corner of your rates instalment notice.

The reference number belongs to the property so if you sell a property and purchase a new property the reference number needs to be changed for the new property before you next pay rates.