Urban forests

The Tree and Urban Forest Plan will provide a long-term vision and strategy to maximise the health and sustainability of the city’s urban trees and forests and the benefits we receive from them.

A couple walking under the trees

Christchurch is a green city with a resilient, sustainable and healthy environment where a mix of native and exotic plant communities reinforce the Garden City identity and supports local biodiversity.

TreesTrees provide a range of social, environmental, cultural ecological and economic benefits and services that enrich the quality of urban life:

  • Provide shade in summer, shield us from cold in winter
  • Remove pollutants from air and water
  • Contribute to a more walkable, liveable and sustainable city
  • Create greener, vibrant and more enjoyable neighbourhoods
  • Improve urban ecology and help mitigate climate change
  • Provide engaging community, recreational and social spaces.

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Together with the community we will be developing the vision for Christchurch's trees and urban forest. This will align with the Council's Community Outcomes and Strategic Directions.

It will set out strategies for our trees and forests and how we manage them to be more sustainable for future generations.

Otautahi-Christchurch ecosystem map

Use this map to find information about the soil types and historic indigenous vegetation of the city. This resource is useful for both backyard planting, school projects and community planting projects.