Project 8011 is our residential programme for the Central City. Its purpose is to encourage more people to make the Central City their home.

By making the Central City a compelling place to live, work and play, we aim to draw in thousands of people from all walks of life and build upon its growing vibrancy.  As we know, thriving neighbourhoods and strong communities are at the heart of some of the world's greatest cities. 

The Central City already offers an effective infrastructure and plenty of exceptional reasons to live here.  What we need now is a greater demand for Central City living, and more homes of varying type and size.

We’re working together with our partners, developers, landowners and public agencies across a range of activities to make it happen.  Our success relies on factors such as:

  • Public and private investment.
  • Feasibility of development.
  • Improving the potential of local areas for housing purposes.
  • Developers connecting with buyers to generate housing projects and create sales.
  • Creation of jobs, services, facilities and attractions in the Central City to give people reasons to consider living here.

Our six key goals

These goals are inter-related, and overlap and support each other: 

  • More people - increasing the number and demographic of people living in the Central City.
  • Housing choice - creating a range of housing choices that meet the needs of a diverse range of people.
  • Highly liveable neighbourhoods - developing local communities that attract and retain residents.
  • Encourage delivery - reducing the risks of development and improving feasibility.
  • Support delivery - ensuring effective support and advice is provided to and used by Central City housing developers.
  • Accelerate delivery - ensuring the delivery of Central City housing is accelerated and sustained.

The Project 8011 programme crosses these key project areas

  • Funding opportunities and incentives to support residential development and increasing demand for Central City homes.
  • Advice and support for landowners and developers.
  • Support for alternative housing approaches and projects to improve housing choice.
  • Identifying site development opportunities.
  • Neighbourhood-level planning and engagement to create liveable neighbourhoods.
  • Site investigation, evaluation and feasibility.
  • Marketing Central City living and residential developments.

Like to find out how each project area is progressing? 

Check out the Central City Action Plan updates.


Here's a snapshot of two of the Central City Residential Programme (Project 8011) projects we're currently working on in the Central City.

Supporting alternative housing approaches

We're looking at ways to support an alternative approach to housing that meets the needs of a diverse range of households, such as families and a more mature population. We're currently doing this by:

Our range of services 

  • Providing information resources (e.g. Central City map, case study on how barriers to alternative housing projects have been overcome elsewhere). 
  • Providing design advice/concept plans to facilitate more comprehensive and complimentary redevelopment of adjoining vacant sites. 
  • Providing information about potential Council incentives. 
  • Coordinating and/or connecting alternative housing providers to relevant Council staff (for their assistance) and elected members (for their information). 
  • Providing technical advice and information about potential regulatory and design requirements. 

Building with encouragement

  • Development contribution rebate for new residential development. 
  • Providing loans to Community Housing Providers (CHPs). to build new stock. 
  • Joint funding (with the Government) of Te Whāriki tū-ā-Rongo/ the Christchurch Housing Initiative shared equity scheme. 

Work currently underway 

To better understand the current Central City housing stock, we're gathering information including the different housing types, tenures, price points and locations.  Work will then focus on identifying the types of housing needed to address the gaps, innovative new housing models and ways to encourage and deliver these. 

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Neighbourhood-level planning and engagement

A diverse range of neighbourhoods in the Central City includes some which are distinct and others that are less identifiable.

We're conducting a neighbourhood-level planning and engagement project to ensure that residents identify with and enjoy living in their Central City neighbourhoods. We also need to make sure that future residents will be attracted by the diversity, convenience and quality of life on offer.

Our work involves exploring the issues and opportunities for collaboration and development with people and organisations who have an interest in the Central City, using different approaches to identify different neighbourhood planning initiatives.

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