A Building Warrant of Fitness shows that the specified systems in your building are maintained, inspected and working effectively.

What is a Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF)?

A Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF) is an annual statement that confirms specified systems such as sprinkler and alarms systems in your building have been maintained and checked for the previous 12 months. These checks are in line with the compliance schedule.

A building owner's responsibilities

You need to display a BWoF, so that people using your building know that all the systems in the building are functional and working effectively, without any risk to their health and safety.

As a building owner you have to:

  • Engage an Independent Qualified Person (IQP) to inspect and certify the specified systems'
  • Display a copy of the BWoF certificate within the public area of the building'
  • Provide us with a copy of the BWoF and IQP certificate(s) of compliance. 

You may get a fine if you don't display a BWoF, or it has expired. More detailed guidance on your responsibilities relating to Managing your BWoF (for buildings with specified systems)(external link) is available on the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment website.

Renewing a Building Warrant of Fitness

We will send you an annual reminder. The reminder letter includes information on completing the Building Warrant of Fitness form (Form 12).

The owner must sign two copies of the Building Warrant of Fitness form. One copy must be displayed in the building, and the other must be sent to the Council, with all required Form 12A certificates.


If a building consent requires a new compliance schedule as a result of building work, or an amendment to an existing compliance schedule is required, a fixed fee applies.

There is also an annual administration fee for processing the Building Warrant of Fitness. This is comprised of a base fee and an additional fee per specified system. We have also introduced a new fee for building warrants of fitness site audits following a failed audit.

Refer to the Building Consents Fee Schedule for related fees.