Information about applying for a temporary road closure.

Apply for a temporary road closure

To apply for a temporary road closure, please contact a Traffic Management provider(external link) to assist you.

If you are a qualified Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) operating in the Christchurch area you must use MyWorksites(external link) to submit your traffic management plans (TMP) to the Christchurch Transport Operation Centre (CTOC) – a partnership between Christchurch City Council, New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and Environment Canterbury.

Application review

The Traffic Management Coordinator (TMC) from CTOC will review your application and make a decision.

Once the decision is made the TMC will process the TMP through MyWorksites(external link) and the applicant will be notified via the system-generated notifications. If the application is rejected, the TMC will provide information on the reasons for the decision. If the application is approved the TMC will provide:

  • Your approved Temporary Road Closure Application Form
  • Your approved temporary traffic management plan
  • Information on any additional requirements or conditions relating to the approval

Advertise the road closure

If your application is approved, the road closure must be advertised seven days before the closure. 

We will advertise the road closure through our standard channels – online through the NZTA journeys page(external link) and if applicable via social media and media outlet updates.

You must install the pre-closure signage as specified in your approved temporary traffic management plan, and deliver notification letters to affected properties.

Road closure

On the day of the closure, close the road or roads, using the methods described in your approved temporary traffic management plan. You may only close the roads specified in your approved application form and traffic management plan, for the dates and times specified.

On the last day of the closure, you must remove all pre-closure signage in accordance with your approved traffic management plan.

Application costs

TMP application costs will be charged to the client as per standard fees.  (external link)