This licence allows the sale and supply of alcohol for drinking at the specified licensed premises, i.e. cafes, taverns and hotels. The area specified as licensed is defined on plans provided and may include outside areas.

Apply for an on-licence

Download and complete an on-licence application form.

All alcohol licence applications require a Certificate of Compliance for the premises. You must include this with your application.

View the working days specified in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act that could affect application processing times.

Please read the checklist on the form to make sure you include all the extra documents we need with your application. Incomplete applications will be returned.

If your application is complete, there are no objections and all building requirements are met, on-licences can normally be processed within four to six weeks.

On-licences are issued for one year (a probation year) and then normally renewed for three years.

Bring your own (BYO)

This is an endorsed on-licence specific to restaurants which allow customers of the premises to bring their own alcohol and drink it at the premises while they are dining. See host responsibility and our BYO information sheet(external link) which give you guidance on how to manage BYO in your restaurant.

Payment of Fees

View Alcohol licensing fees [PDF, 1.6 MB]. The fees for processing your application are non-refundable and must be paid when you apply for your licence. 

Most fees are set by the regulations. However, any fees set by the Council may be subject to annual review and any changes take effect on 1 July each year.

Payments can be made by: Cash, Cheque, or EFTPOS.

For other payment options please contact directly a Technical Officer in the Alcohol Licensing Team to discuss and for more information, ph 03 941 8999 or .

NB: We can only process your applications once we have both the Proof of Payment of fees and the required paperwork (application form and required documents).

View a summary of this page on the Alcohol licensing fees information sheet [PDF, 1.6 MB]. [PDF, 1.6 MB]

Pre-lodgement meeting

New licence applications are received through a pre-lodgement meeting. You will need to make an appointment with an Inspector to lodge your new licence application.

Further information

You can now complete and submit Notice of Duty Manager Appointment/Change forms on-line. 

These documents give more information about applying for and holding an on-licence: