Inside and around your property

Requirements and building consents needed for projects in and around your property.

Minor residential works – internal alterations

You might need a building consent for minor residential works where your planned alterations are to walls or plumbing within your building.

Solar water heaters

Information to give guidance when you need a building consent to install a solar water heater or other solar hot water systems.

Minor plumbing and drainage

Building consents are needed for some minor residential plumbing and drainage works.

Connection to the Council water supply

Information about connecting your building to the Council water supply.

Backflow prevention devices

We explain how to prevent backflow when you connect to the public water supply.

Solid or liquid fuel burner

You must obtain a building consent to install or move a solid or liquid fuel space heater in your building.

Swimming and spa pool safety

All residential pools must have compliant pool barriers to keep young children safe.

Decks and fencing

Your rights and responsibilities if you are wanting to build or repair a deck or fence on your property boundary.

Shade sails, fabric canopies and retractable awnings

Some shade sails, canopies and awnings are exempt from requiring a building consent. However, these building projects must comply with the building code.